Sunday morning worship

Annual Christmas Cantata 

Every Sunday morning and evening service, we sing a mixture of older, rich hymns of the faith as well as newer praise songs to worship God.  By singing, we encourage each other in the faith and orient others to the glory and majesty of Jesus. 

We also have a seasonal choir for Easter and Christmas with associated performances to lift up Jesus' incarnation and his and resurrection from the dead. 

Also, for months with a 5th Sunday, on that day during the evening service, we have our Creative Arts Festival.  Members sing, read poetry, and children recite Bible verses, play the piano, etc., to encourage the congregation to look to Jesus. 

Lastly, we host groups from other churches for community concerts.  Last year, we hosted the Illinois Baptist All-State Youth Choir as well as a bluegrass band from Kings Church in Kentucky. 



Music and art is a good gift from God to express his worth, glory, and beauty.  We have several ways we use music and art to celebrate Jesus.