Our Three Things

We like to keep things simple. Here are the three main things you need to know about Brantwood. 

1) We gather to worship God because he's big and we're small. 2) Because gospel-shaped relationships facilitate Christian growth we foster an environment in which loving and authentic community flourishes. 3) As we practice our daily rhythms we participate in God's global mission to make his name famous by graciously announcing the good news of Jesus, showing how Jesus restores that which is broken. 

At Brantwood, we are concerned for the name and reputation of Jesus, so we seriously work at representing him well. Our members have solemnly agreed together that we will live in a way that reflects God’s transforming grace in our lives. Our covenant summarizes the Bible’s expectations for those who follow Jesus. In essence, we agree to gather regularly to worship God, grow together in Gospel community, and go make disciples.


"The church is not the building where we meet, but the type of people that we are: called out of darkness into light, from being rebels to family. Having been transformed by God's grace, we strive to live out the reality of this grace by gathering to worship him, growing together in gospel-transformed community, and going about our daily rhythms in a way that makes disciples of Jesus."                                  

- James Risner, Pastor

Gather. Grow. Go. 

How We Try To Live